Permits to fish from a boat

  * Marked data are required
Name and surname:*
Vessel user address:*
Vessel registration number
(assigned to CR for UN Nechranice):
Fishing Vessel License Number at UN Nechranice:
I request a new registration of the vessel (allocation of registration number)
and permission to fish from the vessel at UN Nechranice
Address to send permission:*
Street and No.:
Zip code:
Fee 160 CZK (povolení + poštovné) zaplatím na účet ČRS, z.s., SvčÚS, account, account number: 601324/0300 , variable symbol: 602004
  (Enter the name of the vessel user and the vessel's registration number in the message for the recipient.)

Your order will be registered and, after crediting the account, the authorization will be sent to the address you specified for delivery of the shipment.

29.09.2017, Český rybářský svaz
Otto František Babler
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